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Knox Box Program

Lock Box Program

All buildings must provide access to the Fire Department in emergency situations. The North Mason Regional Fire Authority has selected the Knox company, a nationally recognized company for our lock box program.

Instructions how to obtain a lock box:

  • Click on the links below.  Make sure that the 3200 series is used for Commercial and the 1650 series is used for residential.
  • Enter the zip code “98528” and select or type in “North Mason Fire.
  • The lock box company will send you the lock box to the address given.
  • When the lock box arrives contact the Fire Prevention Office at 360-275-6711 for install placement.
  • Make a set of master keys for all outside doors, and if needed, inside doors.
  • After installation, contact North Mason Regional Fire 360-275-6711 to meet you or a representative on location to lock the Knox Box.


3202 The most common lock box is the 3200 series.Order a 3200 series lock box (Required for Commercial Buildings)
4400 Series Knox Box A larger box is also available for more keys and entrance cards.Order a 4400 series vault
Any new sprinkler system installed needs to be provided with locking FDC caps after a flush has been witnessed by one of our Prevention personnel.Order FDC locking caps
If you plan to have an electronic gate installed for your residence, there are two options to provide access to the fire department in case of an emergency. One is a Knox padlock that locks a special switch installed by the installer. The preferred method is the Knox Key switch that the installer places next to the keypad for the gate.Order Key switch
For fences or gates that require security, a pad lock is available.Order a Padlock
Product Logo Residential Knox Box for single family residences. Order a Residential Knox Box