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Kits for School Age Children at School

IMG_3987Sending children off to school prepared is very important.

  • Kits should contain important basics like water, food, and light, as well as be packed appropriately for storage in a backpack or desk.
  • Food items should be high energy, ready-to-eat, and non-perishable. Consider granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, or beef or turkey jerky. Also include comfort foods like hard candies or cookies.
  • Pack a sealed bottle of water or a supply of drinking water packets.
  • Parents should also write a note of comfort for their child to be included with the kit.
  • Include a mini-flashlight with batteries or a 12-hour light stick.
  • Parents should also consider including a mini-first aid pack and items for entertainment like a travel game, crayons and coloring book, or a deck of cards.
  • Additionally, parents should include a copy of their Family Disaster Plan.