Over the past 24 hours the NMRFA was advised that two of its members tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. These are the first two positive tests received by any member of the NMRFA since the national arrival of the virus earlier this year. Both emergency responders are doing well, experiencing only minor symptoms, and isolating at home. They are expected to make a full recovery in the next few days.

Since we were notified of the positive tests we have deployed our COVID-19 infection pre-response plan that was put in place earlier this year. We have been working nonstop and in AMAZING partnership with Peninsula Community Health Care Services to provide onsite COVID-19 testing for all NMRFA members who came into (guideline defined) close contact with our two impacted members. Thankfully COVID-19 testing results have all been negative. Our contact tracing for our two impacted personnel shows that at no time was there a heightened risk of virus transmission to any of our patients or any member of the public during our emergency response operations.

Nothing is more important than the safety of our responders and those who we serve. Despite the negative COVID-19 testing results for our NMRFA personnel we have asked all non-essential personnel to quarantine at home out of excessive caution for their safety and the safety of our citizens. The quarantining of select personnel does not diminish our ability to safely and effectively provide emergency services. The NMRFA continues to use the most advanced personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, etc.) and continues to follow all safety response guidelines to ensure that there is no heightened risk of transmitting the virus to patients or members of the public. We want to ensure our public that calling 911 is safe and that it is still our commitment to fulfil our mission to ‘Safeguard our North Mason Communities’ .

For those of you who have expressed concern for our impacted members and our emergency response team, your thoughts and words of encouragement mean so very much to us. For Mason County Public Health, your guidance and assistance is so very appreciated. And for the team at Peninsula Community Health Services you are the best that the health care industry has to offer. Your assistance over the past 24 hours went far beyond providing health care for your community. Thank you all!