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The Hood Canal and cloud capped Olympic Mountains on a sunny day panorama, part of the Puget Sound in western Washington state, USA

Welcome to North Mason County…BelfairSign

North Mason County is a picturesque community that surrounds the south end of the Hood Canal. It serves as a delightful bedroom community for nearby Bremerton and Tacoma. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, the area is heavily forested and dotted with numerous lakes, providing limitless outdoor recreational opportunities.

ThelerNorth Mason has a decorated school district, library, and is home to the state’s largest off- road vehicle park in the Tahuya State Forest. Several infrastructure projects currently ongoing within the Authority lend for an unprecedented level of growth in the immediate future.  These projects include improvements to the local schools and infrastructure transformation within the Belfair town center.

Here are some websites from local agencies to visit and explore:

North Mason Chamber of Commerce 

Explore Hood Canal

Theler Trails and Wetlands