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Community Response Team (CRT)

The Community Response Team (CRT) Program is based on the philosophy of “neighbors helping neighbors”. It is designed for individuals who want to help their community and neighbors during an emergency, but do not have the desire to fight fires or engage in intense training. CRT members are trained in First Aid and CPR, Disaster Response and Incident Command. To be eligible for the CRT Program, participants must reside within the North Mason Regional Fire Authority service area.

CRT members do not extinguish fires, but instead support Fire Authority firefighters and paramedics. The initial CRT training is limited to 50 hours and is conducted in the evenings, on a schedule that is convenient for the participant. Ongoing training occurs monthly for two hours. All training and response equipment is provided by the NMRFA.

Training includes:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Disaster Response
  • Incident Command and Firefighting Assistance
  • Real life experiences on actual emergency calls

The Authority’s CRT Program is also the starting point for individuals who wish to pursue volunteer opportunities as a Firefighter and/or EMT. Individuals wishing to become a Volunteer Firefighter and/or EMT will start their initial training in the CRT Program. Upon completion of CRT training, interested individuals may continue on, receiving their Firefighter and/or EMT training.

Ready to join the Community Response Team?

  1. Click on Volunteer Application
  2. Save the application to your computer
  3. Complete the application in full
  4. Return the application via email, mail or in-person