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Community Volunteer FireFighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Our Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs are responsible for work performed in combating, extinguishing and preventing fires, and protection of life and property. Volunteer personnel are critical in performing fire suppression and prevention, public education and other emergency service activities. Some of the duties of a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT include rescuing people from cars and burning buildings, as well as administering first aid. Duties may also include support services under the close supervision of a duty officer. Volunteer Firefighters must also be proficient in operating tools such as the Jaws of Life, a chain saw or fire hose. We are looking to train the right people. Individuals selected will benefit from a great program that we have customized just for you.

Individuals wishing to become a Volunteer Firefighter and/or EMT will begin training in the Authority’s Community Response Team (CRT)Program. CRT Program participants will receive basic information and orientation surrounding the Authority’s emergency and non-emergency operations. Upon completion of CRT training, individuals may progress to the Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Program where they will receive approximately 400 hours of training in the following areas:

    • Firefighter I and Firefighter II
    • Emergency Medical Technician
    • Search and Rescue
    • Wildland Firefighting
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Basic Life Support and First Aid
    • Traffic Control
    • Emergency Vehicle Incident Preparedness

Being a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT is a competitive and challenging position. It requires a strong commitment to education, training, perseverance and helping the community. We are looking for professionals that are dedicated, resilient, have strong customer service skills and are willing and ready to assist people and protect lives.

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