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Smoke Detector Giveaway and Home Safety Checklist

Did you know the North Mason Regional Fire Authority offers FREE smoke alarms and home safety inspections?

Your Fire Authority team will come to your home and teach you ways to keep your family safe and prepared for an emergency. During your inspection, we will identify any safety hazards, help you develop a fire escape plan, and give you FREE smoke alarms for placement in your home. If you already have existing smoke detectors, we will check those detectors for safe operation and, if needed, replace your batteries.

For information on proper placement of your smoke detectors click here.

Home Safety Checklist

In addition to having your Fire Authority team help you with a home inspection, review the list below and see how you compare:

  • Is your local emergency phone number listed on your telephone?
  • Can your house number be seen from the street, so that emergency vehicles can find you? If not, click here for information on our free Reflective Address Signs.
  • Do you have a smoke detector in your home? Do you test it monthly? Helpful hint: Change the batteries when you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time – in the spring and fall.
  • Do you practice Operation EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home)?
  • Do you talk to your babysitters about the family EDITH plan? Does your babysitter know your emergency procedures and contact information, as well as how to call 9-1-1 and what to say?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher in your home? Do all household members know where it is and how to use it?
  • Are matches and lighters kept in a safe place away from children?
  • Do you know that you should never run if your clothes catch on fire and that you should “STOP – DROP – and ROLL”?
  • Do you have a screen on your fireplace? Is it closed at all times?
  • Is your yard clear of old tree branches, litter and weeds?
  • Do you sleep with your bedroom door closed to prevent the spread of fire?

If you would like a home safety inspection or free smoke detector, complete the request form below or give us a call 360-275-6711.