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Student Firefighter/EMT Program

The Student Firefighter Program is designed for individuals aspiring to become a Career Firefighter or Paramedic. Training, responsibilities and benefits are similar to a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT. These positions are highly coveted and competitively selected, as the Fire Authority maintains only 12 positions for Student Firefighters.

Student Firefighters are assigned a shift and work side by side Career Firefighters and Paramedics, learning the skills required to obtain a job in the Fire Service.

Participants make a minimum two-year commitment and are provided with training that is comparable to higher education, attending courses through local technical colleges. All expenses for equipment and training are provided by the Fire Authority. Additionally, participants receive a monthly stipend to assist with any personal expenses. Following completion of the initial two-year commitment, interested participants may also be eligible for Authority-sponsored Paramedic School.

To date, over half of the Fire Authority’s career personnel have been hired from the Student Firefighter Program.

Program Flyer

Program Application

Program Policy 

Goal and Selection Process

For questions or to submit your application please contact Executive Assistant Angie McCormick email or phone at 360-275-6711.