We’re thrilled to announce that the North Mason Regional Fire Authority’s highly anticipated 2023 Annual Newsletter has officially landed in mailboxes across our community! This year’s publication is brimming with incredible stories and updates that showcase the dedication and progress of our fire authority.

Introducing the Psychiatric ARNP Program:
One of the most notable features of this year’s newsletter is the unveiling of the NMRFA’s new Psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) program. This groundbreaking initiative underscores our commitment to holistic community well-being. Learn more about how this program aims to provide crucial mental health support to individuals in times of crisis.

Celebrating Staff Promotions:
Join us in recognizing the outstanding achievements of our personnel! The newsletter proudly highlights the well-deserved promotions within the NMRFA family. These advancements not only reflect the dedication of our team but also signify a collective commitment to excellence in service and leadership.

Smoke Alarm Program Success:
In our ongoing efforts to enhance community safety, the Smoke Alarm Program takes center stage in this year’s publication. Discover success stories and testimonials from residents whose lives were positively impacted by this essential initiative. The NMRFA remains steadfast in its mission to protect and educate, and the Smoke Alarm Program is a shining example of this commitment.

And Much More:
The excitement doesn’t stop there! Explore additional articles, features, and updates that showcase the diverse activities and accomplishments of the NMRFA throughout the year. From community outreach events to training programs, the 2023 Annual Newsletter captures the essence of our organization’s multifaceted contributions.

As always, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the North Mason community for your ongoing support. Your trust empowers us to continue serving and evolving, and we’re excited to share these accomplishments with you in the pages of our annual newsletter.

Stay safe, stay informed, and let’s continue to build a resilient and connected community together.